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Jack Welsh’s “Lebensweisheit” : The 10 Leadership Principles

I read an interesting, short article that Peter Isackson wrote for the Intercultural Insights Group, he brought up the simple yet profound leadership principles that Jack Welsh developed in his time as CEO at GE. Are they as relevant today as they were when he wrote them? *1.* There is only one way ˆ the straight way. It sets the

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Conversation with the CEO of Silicon Valley’s coolest little plug-in – CoolIris

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Soujanya Bhumkar,  CEO and Co-founder of the coolest browser add-on around – CoolIris! On February 25, 2009, at the law offices of Cooley Godward in Palo Alto, he and other inspiring entrepreneurs will tell us about their start ups and what it takes to make them successful. Stay tuned for more

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Silicon Valley Executive Quotes – Can you guess the nationality?

Image by Rice Ette via Flickr Here are some quotes from the book, They Made It!; they were made by French, Indian, Chinese, German, Iranian, Israeli and Saudi executives. Is it possible to guess where people come from by the way they speak, or by their views on life and their careers? a) “As we say in Silicon Valley, you

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