Brazilian Vision of How Individuals and Companies Should Be Using Social Media [via SLIDESHARE]

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This presentation on slideshare from Brazil, [muito bem feito] looks at what is so special about social media. Interesting to see how we and our social media participation are seen from other cultures’ view point. In fact they point out that companies still “don’t get it” and need to understand that social media is there for:

  • 1. PR
  • 2. Customer Service
  • 3. Loyalty Building
  • 4. Collaboration
  • 5. Networking
  • 6. Thought Leadership
  • C7. lient Acquisition


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For companies or professional groups who have not woken up to the fact that social media – in some shape or form – are here to stay, this is a great presentation showing how to look at social media and its effects on business.

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