Succeeding in Silicon Valley: Foreign-born entrepreneurs share their stories about making it!Eric Benhamou, the former CEO of 3Com, Andy Bechtolsheim, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems, Wu Fu Chen, serial entrepreneur and founder of Cascade Communications, Raj Singh, whose Fiberlande Communications was later sold to Cisco and Redback for $12B in 1999, Jean-Louis Gassee, former President of the Apple Products Division and now at Allegis Partners, Arno Penzias, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Guy Gecht, CEO, Electronics for Imaging, Dina Bitton, an internationally acclaimed scientist in the field of high-performance database systems, Philippe Courtot, serial entrepreneur who sold Signio to VeriSign for over a billion dollars in 2000, Kamran Elahian, Co-Founder and Chairman of NeoMagic, a multimedia semiconductor company which launched a $300 million IPO in its fourth year, and more were all interviewed in They Made It!. In the book, they reveal their recipes for success and talk about their career and life choices.

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