The Art of Business Writing

The ever increasing demands of U.S. business environments not only require foreign-born professionals to competently speak English but to successfully write it as well. Presentations, reports, letters, emails, executive summaries all call for effective writing capabilities. The knowledgeable team at Angelika Blendstrup & Associates will teach you how to master English business writing using key English language fundamentals that will enhance your professional technique and style.

Sessions Will Cover

Improving English writing and increasing the impact of your words
Crafting compelling emails, letters, memos, reports and other written materials
Using correct punctuation, capitalization and abbreviations
Understanding how to structure a good paragraph
Applying proper usage of syntax, grammar and phrasing
Writing exercises and reviews
Email communications training

How You Will Benefit

Write and edit documents professionally
Distinguish among commonly confusing words and terms
Organize and compose accurate English sentences and paragraphs – keep it short for maximum effect
Develop a polished and distinct writing style

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