“Angelika exceeded my expectations in every dimension. She tailored her instructions to my specific needs. My intent was to learn accent reduction only, but she taught me several aspects of business communication including business etiquette. Each tutoring session was fun and effective. She helped me to be more confident. She is very straight forward, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. I made significant improvements, notably by not repeating myself when public speaking. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to reduce accent and improve presentation skills. Thank you very much, Angelika!”
Dr. A. H. Mollah, Technical Manager, Genentech Inc.

“I met Angelika at Singularity University. Angelika volunteered her time and creativity to help me develop a story for my company and coach me on presentation skills. She was generous with her time and knowledge and had many great point that served me well both in speaking to investors and with the story development and presentation level of my company. I highly recommend Angelika!”
Omri Amirav-Drory, Founder & CEO at Genome Compiler Corp (GCC)
“I benefited enormously from your approach to speaking well, for it took into account the cultural and professional context in which the communication help was most needed. This attention to the context (and related vocabulary) was perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of your coaching, and a reason for its effectiveness”.
Rajesh Gupta, Ph.D. Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, UCSD
“Angelika brings tremendous energy and insight to her work with foreign-born entrepreneurs coming to Silicon Valley. She is extraordinarily well connected and seemingly omnipresent at key Valley events. This knowledge and network make her an outstanding resource for companies expanding their business to the U.S.”
Chris Shipley, Co-Founder & Chairman, Guidewire Group, Inc.
“Taking accent reduction sessions from Angelika who can natively speak several languages, you get different perspective of language. She not only lets you know what is wrong with your pronunciation, but why. Of course, it is a long way from knowing what’s wrong to actually being right – naturally, Angelika is there to encourage and help you all the way. BTW, I have been thinking if someday Angelika’s dog, who is always faithfully sitting in every session with us quietly, starts talking in perfect English or German, I won’t be too surprised”.
Yuan Pan, Development Manager, Cisco
“Working with Angelika Blendstrup is a real pleasure: her wide experience, her strength, focus, commitment, work capacity and ability to help people build their communication skills are excellent. I highly recommend working with Angelika whatever the occasion is, her suggestions and opinions were extremely valuable for our project.”
Ariadna Mateu, Creativity Director, Imagine Creativity Center
“Angelika Blendstrup is a dynamic and engaging teacher. Her enthusiasm around social media and branding is contagious. She plays and experiments with different technologies which gives her a breadth of experience that she openly shares. She models what she teaches and makes it seem easy. What impresses me most about Angelika is her encouragement to “jump in and start swimming.” She personifies the open and innovative approach of Silicon Valley and thus is able to call upon a wide network of colleagues to talk on specialized topics. I would recommend Angelika if you want to learn about social media and need that push to get started.”
Rani H Gill, Instructional Design & Technologies Manager
“Dr. Angelika Blendstrup gave an interactive workshop to our 1st year international students. By attending this workshop the students received insights and learned techniques that showed them how to communicate the American way. She has a unique style which enables her to give practical, easy to understand advice, resulting in our students having a much better appreciation for the American business culture. Given her long experience teaching intercultural business communication she enhanced the students’ understanding of the typical communication pitfalls foreigners’ face in the US, enabling them to better interact with potential employers and fit smoothly in the American environment”.
Limor Einey, Consultant for International Student Career Initiatives, UCLA Anderson School Of Business
“Angelika is fantastic. At the World Affairs Council of Northern California we invited her to come talk to about 100 young professionals on Americans forms of business communication. She is incredibly well-prepared and people-oriented. Using a well-organized and rich powerpoint slideshow, Angelika gave an hour long presentation (including Q&A) on the nuances and differences of how Americans communicate in the workplace as opposed to in other places around the world. Angelika is very comfortable talking in front of people and thrives off of audience interaction. From the question and answer period, she was very welcoming of opposing viewpoints and open to learn new things from the audience members. Following her talk, Angelika offered to stay for a reception where she was willing to answer numerous questions and offer career advice to young professionals who might be struggling to find a job, are having difficulty in the workplace, or are newly settled to the United States. From the 20+ people that I talked to afterwards, everybody had great things to say about Angelika and mentioned that they learned a whole lot and never realized how subtle some of the regional and international workplace cultures really are. In sum, Angelika made a fabulous presentation which was incredibly well-received. She knows more about this subject than I ever thought was possible.”
Phil Walker, World Affairs Council of Northern California
“I’ve been lucky to know Angelika and receive her expert instruction in learning Spanish for more than 20 years. She was my instructor at Stanford and has helped me many times since then. She is smart, dynamic, and skilled at teaching foreign languages.”
Steve Westly, State Controller and Democratic Candidate for Governor
“Working with Angelika was really fun! Being able to talk about anything – not only business related – was really important to me. As she speaks Portuguese, she pointed out the common errors I was making and helped me fix them. Now, I feel more confident both at work and in everyday life.”
Rodrigo Lima, ORACLE
“I noticed the improvement in my speaking English fast after working with you for several sessions. I now feel comfortable talking to people not only in person, but also over the phone. I also gave a presentation last week, and everyone who came really liked the way I spoke and very importantly, they all understood me. Thanks very much for your help”.
Lian Zhang, Intel
“Thanks Angelika, for having worked with me on my accent, my English presentation and communication skills. I had a very hard time at the beginning for people to understand me. But now, after our lessons, I don’t get any more questions, I am understood whenever I speak. I gave a great presentation the other day and everyone was happy with what I had done, so your help is much appreciated.”
Sue Zhang, Intel

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