Tell a story if you want to be memorable

Tell a story if you want to be memorable

In the past years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world – Brazil, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain to name a few. I find them all wonderful, full of passion, convinced [as they should be] that their new companies will “cambiar el mundo” [change the world].

However, most of them are so convinced that their technologies, their “secret sauce” will blow investors away, that they rattle off all the details, the features,, use many difficult expressions and in general [unfortunately] bore investors to tears.

If they would just tell a story! They could package all the details into it showing how their technology/service was going to be used in real life. It’s probably that their audience, their investors would a) understand it and b) would remember their pitch.

Entrepreneurs forget that VCs and Angels hear hundreds of pitches per year so it is unlikely that they will remember your pitch if you don’t have a compelling technology/service and an inspiring story.

It really doesn’t take much, you don’t have to be Shakespeare or Tony Robins to tell a good, convincing  story, And, it doesn’t even have to be “true” if you are at an early stage.

Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures suggests you start the story with “Imagine if…”and you lead the listener through a hypothetical story of what the user will do with your new startup idea.

Make listeners feel it,  use real names so that what you say is real to your listener and you get to the “WOW”, as Bill Rreichert calls it.
“Get to wow” means you say something that is clear and credible and wows the investor.

The main lesson is: don’t be boring!

It’s easy for me to say you think, since I just sit and listen to pitches – the entrepreneurs I work with are, of course, the geniuses. But, as Bill says in his YouTube interview, you have to make sure that the “engineer to human ratio” works, that there is no imbalance.

You have to be interesting.

So, go out and look at all kinds of storytelling sources: my updated Storify page has some ideas for you.  Then develop a story that you can tell, that you have fun telling and that shows off your technology or service in a way that everyone can see using and above all, needing and loving it.


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