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How to develop successful strategies for a lasting personal brand

I think by now, we all know that an important part of personal branding takes place in social media.  But, do you have a plan for that? Before you choose and decide which social networks and strategies you want to use for your personal branding, you should have a strategy in mind. Understand the image you want to portray, and,

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How To Manage Your Email Branding Strategy

Image via Wikipedia Are you using emails in your personal branding strategy? Nowadays, many of us are using social media and personal branding to promote our businesses and reaffirm our positions in our individual fields In spite of all the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buzz, emails are still a great way to solidify our personal brand, engage with prospective clients

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Social Media Map

Here is an incredible depiction of social media: Social Media Maps Publish at Scribd or explore others: Internet & Technolog communication knowledge