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Loic le Meur (seesmic), Dominique Piotet (l’Atelier), Soujanya Bumkhar (cooliris), Hubert Nguyen & Eliane Fiolet (Ubergizmo)

On March 25th we had a funny, inspiring event at Cooley Godward in Palo Alto with a cool panel of entrepreneurs who are making their mark on Silicon Valley and the rest of the world. We are waiting for the video and will upload it next week. Some statements from the panel: Loic (Seesmic) when asked about his tag line:

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They Made It! Radio interview, CEO,Dominique Piotet, L’Atelier/BNP Paribas, SF, asked witty questions about French leaders – en francais

Image by pierre pouliquin via Flickr To hear the witty way Dominique asked about the famous French entrepreneurs from the book, please click on the link: http://www.atelier.fr/radio/9/23032008/atelier-numerique-n230-36252-.html