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Is the US making a mistake limiting H-1B visas?

Image by Pesky Library via Flickr The New York Times is currently featuring a series on skilled foreign-born workers and their limited access to H-1B visas. The Times raises the question whether these highly skilled foreign-born workers plus foreign students who have finished their degrees in US colleges should get some kind of permanent work status or have to leave

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Will the US be left out in the cold in future innovations?

A few days ago, Bob Greifeld, who is the chief executive of Nasdaq OMX, gave us the latest news on the “over- application” – once again – for the H-1B visas granted this year [2008].. He wrote: On April 1 [2008], the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services began accepting applications for the coveted 65,000 H-1B visas that allow

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Inspiring Women: Women 2.0 Conference Stanford Women in Business

How inspiring it was this morning, May 10, 2008, to see a whole room [tent] full of eager, young women, all determined to move forward with their ideas which will turn into full fledged businesses – and the women are counting on this. The back of the room had a clothes line hung along the wall, full of napkins, on

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