Press Release for They Made It! and Communicating the American Way

Happy About Announces Release of ‘They Made It!’ by Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.

Author Angelika Blendstrup interviewed successful entrepreneurs from around the world and compiled her findings in “They Made It!: How Chinese, French, German, Indian, Iranian, Israeli and other foreign born entrepreneurs contributed to high tech innovation in the Silicon Valley, the US and Overseas.

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) — February 27, 2008they-made-it-press

Happy About today announced the release of “They Made It!: How Chinese, French, German, Indian, Iranian, Israeli and other foreign born entrepreneurs contributed to high tech innovation in the Silicon Valley, the US and Overseas”. Great leaders have been the stuff of many business books over the years with authors often promising to deliver THE key ingredients that can guarantee the readers success in their own careers.

As author Angelika Blendstrup shows, there is no “secret sauce”, but a number of “recipes for success” with specific ingredients that if applied, may smooth the path upward. These recipes are the result of conversations with foreign-born (as well as US) Silicon Valley/US entrepreneurs who tell it as it is. Each leader tells a unique, personal story of how s/he came to the US and ultimately made it.


If you plan to immigrate to the US and establish yourself in Silicon Valley, or if you are just curious to find out what make these extraordinary individuals tick, you can listen to these foreign-born professionals and gain personal insight into the fulfillment of their ambitions and dreams.

“Immigrants from Andy Grove, to Vinod Khosla, to Sergey Brin have made Silicon Valley the extraordinary success it is today. This book provides valuable lessons learned from the successful entrepreneurs that will prove inspiring to people from every country.”

— Steve Westly, Founder and CEO, The Westly Group, Former California State Controller

The book is available from and Happy About.

Happy About Announces Release of ‘Communicating the American Way’ by Elisabetta Ghisini and Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.

In “Communicating the American Way” authors Elisabetta Ghisini and Angelika Blendstrup show what can go wrong as a result of cultural misunderstandings. Written in simple, accessible English, the book is packed with real-life anecdotes and compelling examples.

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) — February 28, 2008

Happy About today announced the release of “Communicating the American Way” the first hands-on guide to U.S. business communication written in English ( The book helps readers understand why, despite their good language skills, they don’t always get the results they want with their colleagues or their boss. The enjoyable style makes it easy for readers to learn proven techniques that will enhance their communication effectiveness. Each chapter has boxes and illustrations providing examples of typical pitfalls for international professionals in specific situations, such as meetings, presentations, email, job interviews, media interviews, networking etc.

By showing the readers how to crack the “code” of doing business in the U.S., the authors want to give them tools to improve their communication skills and to fulfill their potential. This book is a must read for those international professionals who want to propel their career forward.

“Whether they live in India, China, Russia or Brazil, global professionals know that their daily interactions with American employers or customers are a minefield of potential misunderstandings and missed opportunities. This hands-on book shows them how to communicate the American way and truly connect with their U.S. colleagues. Presentations, meetings, phone calls – and more: this book covers all you need to know to fit in smoothly into the American workplace.”

— Markus Hoevener, CEO, Bloofusion Germany

The book is available from and Happy About.

Happy About books deliver wisdom. Our books are smaller, compact, high-impact reads that are typically 100-150 pages and are delivered in paperback, eBook, or podbook format. Visit for more info. For quantity discounts, please contact the publisher, Mitchell Levy or 408-257-3000.

For some, accents are an acute challenge

By Marton Dunai

Contra Costa Times

October 13, 2006

Foreigners’ efforts to shed heavy accents is not new. But immigration and globalization have exposed those in English-speaking workplaces to more accented speakers than ever before. The language differences have led to personal discomfort, students say; worse, those with a heavy accent or flawed grammar should expect to make less in lower positions than others with more polished diction.

Although they all speak the language of finance and technology, these professionals run into office-type trouble all the time, said Angelika Blendstrup, who has taught diction in the South Bay for a decade.

A few years ago, Blendstrup did an informal study, showing hiring managers tapes she had recorded with heavily accented students. The managers invariably said they wouldn’t hire a worker with a heavy accent.

“It wasn’t a racist comment,” Blendstrup said. “They said, this is going to take a lot of time, the kind of time I don’t have.”
Blocked from advancing, fearful of having to face board meetings, clients sign up even if initially they decide against paying her $135 hourly fee and submitting to a mandatory minimum of eight classes, Blendstrup said.

Smoothing out a very different accent can ease everyday interactions, too. “One Indian engineer would ask for a ‘dall goffey’ at Starbucks for years,” she said. “After visiting me a few times and finally ordering a tall coffee, he was relieved that for the first time in years he didn’t have to repeat himself.”

Marton Dunai covers small businesses. Reach him at 925-952-2671 or

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