Presentation Skills

Giving presentations and pitching are an integral part of doing business. Each presentation should be seen as a pitch – whether you are pitching an idea, a product, a budget or buy-in from your team or boss. The difference between a good and excellent presentation in the US can mean the difference between getting a contract or not; getting an idea or project approved or having to try again at a later date.

Every international business executive appreciates and can recall the impact of a stand-out presentation; it was all about the delivery and how the presenter positioned the content and connected with his/her audience.
Angelika Blendstrup & Associates “raises the bar” in this powerful class. You will learn the mechanics of how to capture, inspire and engage your US audience with presentation techniques that get attention.

Sessions Will Cover

Developing the appropriate message for your U.S. audience or international audience
Prioritizing and organizing presentation topics and themes – in particular starting with the conclusion
Learning how to outline your presentation before opening PowerPoint
Creating a clear message with simple, engaging slides and few words
Using anecdotes, stories and different media to elevate content and interest
Rewriting and editing presentation materials
Delivering the presentation—video-taped for evaluation and review

How You Will Benefit

Understanding the fundamental differences between U.S. and international presentation styles
Getting your points across precisely and persuasively in easy English without any jargon
Enhancing your verbal and written presentation skills so your grammar and spelling are correct
Ability to deliver flawless presentations and talks with ease in a conversational style

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