Portuguese Entrepreneur Case Study

A Portuguese entrepreneur, Leonardo, who was coming to Silicon Valley to get funding for his startup, wanted me to run through his pitch with him before he came here. First we worked together on Skype and later on in person when he came to Silicon Valley. https://professional-business-communications.com/pitching-skills

His pitch was entirely too theoretical, vague and abstract and only someone with a deep knowledge in his field would have been able to understand his MVP and what problem he was solving. Just like other entrepreneurs, he just couldn’t get to the point and wasn’t able to understand that in the US you have to speak in short sentences and include only relevant information. Otherwise people here just won’t listen to you for more than a couple of minutes. And, it annoys investors to no end if entrepreneurs can’t explain what they are doing in a simple, understandable way.

We built a story around his product so that investors wouldn’t just listen to his pitch and forget it. By telling a story you can put in all technical details and features of your services/product without boring your audience and you’ll be memorable.

Leonardo already had a few actual use case studies of customers using his product and by adding interesting facts , he was able to tell an interesting story, which highlighted the “secret sauce” he developed for his company and in a way that clearly showed the investors how unique his ideas were.

He got quite a few appointments with VCs and Angels while he was here and he’s now back in Portugal working on improving his startup with their suggestions. He hopes to come back to Silicon Valley soon for a new round of investor talks and to get his company funded.

If you feel that you are in a cultural bind and have problems communicating in business, contact me now and we can discuss it

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