Pitching Skills

Pitching to investors is an integral part of raising money for your startup. Each pitch whether in front of small time investors or the Big VC firms should highlight why your startup is solving a real problem and that you have the only, unique solution.
If your pitch doesn’t resonate, if it doesn’t capture the interest of your potential investors quickly, you’ll have to do a lot of bootstrapping and that can only go so far.

The difference between a so-so pitch and an effective pitch is the difference between raising a couple of dollars and getting the funding that will propel you to and sustain you throughout the next stages.
Pitching Skills: Every international startup CEO faces a variety of “urgent” problems while building the business; often he or she will not appreciate how important it really is to know how to pitch for funding from US or US based Angels or VCs. It’s necessary to connect with them not only on the technical level but also on the emotional one.

Angelika Blendstrup & Associates has the experience it takes to raise that pitch to the level where it will have the best chance of being effective with results. We will teach you how to deliver your pitch in the format and in an English that everyone will understand.

Sessions Will Cover

Understanding how to put together your pitch that will work
Writing a PowerPoint  pitch that is clear, simple and engaging
Learning how to outline your pitch presentation before opening PowerPoint
Talking about an anecdote or telling a story that incorporates all the technical details without being boring
Going over the main words of your starup and making sure you can say them and be understood easily
Delivering the pitch which we evaluate and review with you – many times

How You Will Benefit

Understanding how U.S. and international pitching styles are different
Getting your points across precisely and persuasively in easy English without any jargon
Having a pitch where the grammar and spelling are correct

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