Pakistani Senior Researcher Case Study

A senior researcher from Pakistan worked at a large pharmaceutical company and didn’t know how to talk to his supervisor to ask for a promotion. He felt he wasn’t prepared to show why he was worth more money [and recognition] and his resistance and unhappiness were growing each week. He felt he wasn’t being valued for his contributions and was getting ready to leave the company.

He was very hesitant to speak up in meeting, didn’t know what exact words and phrases to use and, what he didn’t realize, he wasn’t dressing for the role of an executive.

We wrote many different scenarios in which we acted out him telling his supervisor how he contributed to the team as well as to difficult projects and why he was a valuable contributor for his company. We practiced all the words that were important for his job to make sure he was giving them the right intonation and enunciation – and important for Pakistanis and Indians, also the correct emphasis on syllables.
In addition, we looked at the clothes that the C level executives were wearing in his company. He slowly shifted his wardrobe to the way they were dressed and he felt it reflected a more senior position.  Here in Silicon Valley clothes normally don’t play a big part, but some companies, especially older, more established ones, still care.

He felt so much better about himself due to his improved communication skills and his new look that he was able to convince his boss a few months later to give him the promotion he deserved. He keeps in touch with me and is still working at the same company.

If you feel that you are in a cultural bind and have problems communicating in business, contact me now and we can discuss it

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