VC Jean-Louis Gassée’s advice for French entrepreneurs – en français

I’m reposting this interview that I did several years ago. Jean Louis is just as relevant today as he was then.

Many months ago I ended doing the rounds of the international executives I talked to over 14 months here in the Silicon Valley because the book with their interviews was finished.

Since I was having withdrawal symptoms and really missed getting new ideas talking to these incredible people, I’d decided to do a series of short interviews with them as well as with younger executives who are on the way to “making it” as well.

This morning [May 21], I asked Jean-Louis 3 questions I was curious to hear his answers to:

  • Quel est le meilleur conseil que tu as reçu?
  • Quels conseils donnerais-tu aux français qui s’installeraient dans la Valley?
  • Est-ce que les pratiques de “leadership” sont differentes dans la Silicon Valley que dans le reste du pays?

His answers didn’t disappoint me. I always enjoy the comments he comes up with on the fly and his French word choices are wonderful to listen to. a more complete interview where he gives answers to his early beginnings as well as to the development of his career [Apple Europe, Apple + Sculley] in Silicon Valley are in the book’s chapter devoted to VCs.

Those of you who speak French will enjoy listening to this exchange.

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