7 things to do to give better presentations

1. Tell a story, include anecdotes, things that happened to you – people like stories and they like personal stories even more.

2. Write your presentation so that people understand you – it has to be simple (not simplistic) and you should avoid acronyms and jargon unless everyone in the audience understands them.

3. Don’t waste your time on fancy animations, sounds, or things wandering from left to right. They detract from your message.

4. Start with a bang, e.g. a humorous story or an interesting quote, but something that relates to the audience listening to you and also fits to your topic.

5. Create a core message – make it easy to remember and repeat it several times throughout your talk – and don’t forget to close with it.

6. Introduce yourself:  say who you are, why you’re giving the presentation? who do you think you are talking to? what do you want the listeners to walk away with, after you are finished? Did you include a call to action?

7. Know your audience – “There is no such thing as a dumb audience; if they don’t understand, it’s because you can’t communicate.” (Harvey Golub, American Express)

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