Cross Cultural Coaching and Training

The Bay Area and Silicon Valley offer a rich framework for international executives and entrepreneurs who want to work and excel in corporate and startup America/Silicon Valley. With the special demands and expectations of American business, it’s absolutely essential that you understand the fundamentals of US/Silicon Valley business culture—how to interact, communicate and perform successfully in these diverse environments. Angelika Blendstrup & Associates has years of experience in cross-cultural training and coaching—providing our international clients with the knowledge and expertise for succeeding in the American/SV workplace.

Sessions Will Cover

Exploring US and international business cultures and how they differ
Moving beyond “language barriers” to uncover colleagues’ real meaning
Learning how to clearly interpret the [mostly positive] intentions of colleagues
Examining how people from diverse cultural backgrounds react differently in various business situations

How You Will Benefit

Understand how your own cultural attitudes can bump into those of other’s
Identify the behaviors of your international colleagues as they relate to thinking, innovating, time, hierarchy and other potential cultural obstacles
Get greater insights of cultural differences and backgrounds
Develop the ability to successfully interact with colleagues of other cultures in a “non-judgmental way”

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