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How to develop successful strategies for a lasting personal brand

I think by now, we all know that an important part of personal branding takes place in social media.  But, do you have a plan for that? Before you choose and decide which social networks and strategies you want to use for your personal branding, you should have a strategy in mind. Understand the image you want to portray, and,

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Content Strategies for Social Media: Twitter, Blogging, SlideShare, Facebook & other Platforms


Storytelling for Business Presentations and Business Writing

This article is comprised of many sources with storytelling methods and ideas explained through articles on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


How to Brand and Market Yourself with LinkedIn

Recently, when I was teaching my Spring Quarter Stanford CS class on business writing, we got to the topic of LinkedIn and how to write a good summary. This led to a surprising revelation that most of the 40 students didn’t really have a well developed, branded LinkedIn profile. And to my surprise, when I asked my own international clients

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Complete your personal branding strategy with YouTube.

I’m always amazed how long it takes us to get around to doing something which is not that difficult  – in this case, starting a YouTube channel and posting short videos about ourselves and our brand. Here are some tips I’ve thought about based on my own YouTube experiences. Make a list of topics you want to talk about Think

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How To Manage Your Email Branding Strategy

Image via Wikipedia Are you using emails in your personal branding strategy? Nowadays, many of us are using social media and personal branding to promote our businesses and reaffirm our positions in our individual fields In spite of all the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buzz, emails are still a great way to solidify our personal brand, engage with prospective clients

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Brazilian Vision of How Individuals and Companies Should Be Using Social Media [via SLIDESHARE]

Image via Wikipedia This presentation on slideshare from Brazil, [muito bem feito] looks at what is so special about social media. Interesting to see how we and our social media participation are seen from other cultures’ view point. In fact they point out that companies still “don’t get it” and need to understand that social media is there for: 1.

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Visualization of Web 2.0 – Conversation Prism/Solis

I think the way Brian Solis makes social media touchable for all of us is just amazing. Here is his conversation prism guide to social media. He says: You + Me + Mutual Value = The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas Related articles by Zemanta Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ( 47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using |

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