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Tell a story if you want to be memorable

Tell a story if you want to be memorable In the past years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world – Brazil, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain to name a few. I find them all wonderful, full of passion, convinced [as they should be] that their new companies will “cambiar el mundo” [change the world]. However, most of them are

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Storytelling for Business Presentations and Business Writing

This article is comprised of many sources with storytelling methods and ideas explained through articles on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


13 Great and Proven Ways to Moderate a Panel with 100% Success Rate

Image via Wikipedia Research your panel subject and find out and define the latest trends. Prepare more questions than you think you will need, it isn’t good [and pretty stressful] to run out. However, with a smart panel, that is very unlikely to happen. Send the questions to the panel members ahead of time and encourage them to submit questions

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Brazilian Vision of How Individuals and Companies Should Be Using Social Media [via SLIDESHARE]

Image via Wikipedia This presentation on slideshare from Brazil, [muito bem feito] looks at what is so special about social media. Interesting to see how we and our social media participation are seen from other cultures’ view point. In fact they point out that companies still “don’t get it” and need to understand that social media is there for: 1.

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Communicating the American Way – An Excerpt (pdf file)

Communicating The American Way