VC Jean-Louis Gassée’s advice for French entrepreneurs – en français

I’m reposting this interview that I did several years ago. Jean Louis is just as relevant today as he was then. Many months ago I ended doing the rounds of the international executives I talked to over 14 months here in the Silicon Valley because the book with their interviews was finished. Since I was having withdrawal symptoms and really missed

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Case Studies: Management skills for international entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley

We work with international clients – executives and entrepreneurs – from a variety of countries. Here are a few, short business communications case studies showing what solutions we find when working on their particular communication skills. Go to our coaching page to find more descriptions. We approach each business client’s concerns on an individual basis and work with him/her to find

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Vivek Wadhwa’s fireside chat at Stanford with Angelika Blendstrup, April 5, 2011

Vivek Wadhwa gave his advice and ideas to international entrepreneurs who came to Bishop Auditorium at Stanford to listen to him being interviewed about entrepreneurship around the world by Angelika Blendstrup.


13 Great and Proven Ways to Moderate a Panel with 100% Success Rate

Image via Wikipedia Research your panel subject and find out and define the latest trends. Prepare more questions than you think you will need, it isn’t good [and pretty stressful] to run out. However, with a smart panel, that is very unlikely to happen. Send the questions to the panel members ahead of time and encourage them to submit questions

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Jack Welsh’s “Lebensweisheit” : The 10 Leadership Principles

I read an interesting, short article that Peter Isackson wrote for the Intercultural Insights Group, he brought up the simple yet profound leadership principles that Jack Welsh developed in his time as CEO at GE. Are they as relevant today as they were when he wrote them? *1.* There is only one way ˆ the straight way. It sets the

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Even though we need foreign-born professionals here in the US, the H-1B visa hounds are after them again.

Image via Wikipedia As Vivek Wadhwa said in Business Week, “For the third year running, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) have taken aim at immigrant labor.”  It seems that both of these senators want to “reduce the abuse” of the high tech companies that hire cheaper, foreign labor in the place of more expensive, skilled American workers.

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Seesmic, CoolIris, Ubergizmo, l’Atelier Speak at Internationally Cool & Plugged In Event

 Eliane Fiolet, Hubert, Nguyen, Loic le Meur, Dominique Piotet, Soujanya Bumkhar and Angelika Blendstrup/Daniel Zimmerman, co-moderators, at last week’s event, “Internationally Cool and Plugged in.” Photos from Karsten Lemm 130 people attended the event held at Cooley Godward, Palo Alto sponsored by  GABA, the French American Chamber of Commerce and iHouse, UC Berkeley.


CNN Money Reveals 21 Dumbest Business Moments in 2008

Image via Wikipedia 21 Dumbest Moments in Business 2008 (CNN Money)   This post was just too good to pass on. CNN. Money discusses the dumbest business moments – and probably some of the most difficult  -in 2008. Will we learn from them for 2009?   1) Detroit execs flying to D.C.: The chief executives of General Motors (GM, Fortune

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Conversation with the CEO of Silicon Valley’s coolest little plug-in – CoolIris

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Soujanya Bhumkar,  CEO and Co-founder of the coolest browser add-on around – CoolIris! On February 25, 2009, at the law offices of Cooley Godward in Palo Alto, he and other inspiring entrepreneurs will tell us about their start ups and what it takes to make them successful. Stay tuned for more

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Obama’s World Election

The recent election was remarkable and historic and one that will be remembered for many years to come; not only because of the incredible turn-out of young people, with 23 million young Americans under the age of 30 voting, a turn-out this country hasn’t seen since the 70s, but also because it was an election that was felt around the

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