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This article is comprised of many sources with storytelling methods and ideas explained through articles on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


How to Brand and Market Yourself with LinkedIn

Recently, when I was teaching my Spring Quarter Stanford CS class on business writing, we got to the topic of LinkedIn and how to write a good summary. This led to a surprising revelation that most of the 40 students didn’t really have a well developed, branded LinkedIn profile. And to my surprise, when I asked my own international clients

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Complete your personal branding strategy with YouTube.

I’m always amazed how long it takes us to get around to doing something which is not that difficult  – in this case, starting a YouTube channel and posting short videos about ourselves and our brand. Here are some tips I’ve thought about based on my own YouTube experiences. Make a list of topics you want to talk about Think

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How To Manage Your Email Branding Strategy

Image via Wikipedia Are you using emails in your personal branding strategy? Nowadays, many of us are using social media and personal branding to promote our businesses and reaffirm our positions in our individual fields In spite of all the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buzz, emails are still a great way to solidify our personal brand, engage with prospective clients

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5 Tips to Get VCs to Introduce You to Other Investors – Inc Magazine

Many international startups come to me and ask me to present them to VCs or other investors. They often don’t believe me when I tell that that it won’t do much good. Here is a great article by Jessica Stillman how to get that all important intro and make it work. 5 Tips to Get VCs to Introduce You to

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13 Great and Proven Ways to Moderate a Panel with 100% Success Rate

Image via Wikipedia Research your panel subject and find out and define the latest trends. Prepare more questions than you think you will need, it isn’t good [and pretty stressful] to run out. However, with a smart panel, that is very unlikely to happen. Send the questions to the panel members ahead of time and encourage them to submit questions

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Free the H-1Bs, Free the Economy – Vivek Wadhwa/August 2009

I just found this troublesome article [in TechCrunch] by  Vivek Wadhwa, who in other articles frequently points out to us that our immigrants, the ones who come here, get incredible degrees, found companies, develop patents, are now going home, back to their countries to live a life in a community that values them more. I present the article in its

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Brazilian Vision of How Individuals and Companies Should Be Using Social Media [via SLIDESHARE]

Image via Wikipedia This presentation on slideshare from Brazil, [muito bem feito] looks at what is so special about social media. Interesting to see how we and our social media participation are seen from other cultures’ view point. In fact they point out that companies still “don’t get it” and need to understand that social media is there for: 1.

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Jack Welsh’s “Lebensweisheit” : The 10 Leadership Principles

I read an interesting, short article that Peter Isackson wrote for the Intercultural Insights Group, he brought up the simple yet profound leadership principles that Jack Welsh developed in his time as CEO at GE. Are they as relevant today as they were when he wrote them? *1.* There is only one way ˆ the straight way. It sets the

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UBERGIZMO Silicon Valley’s Greatest Gadget Blog:Personal Interview

Yesterday (June 21, 2009), I had a chance to catch up with Eliane and Hubert, the Co-Founders of Ubergizmo, they are passionate about their business which came about – as many things do in Silicon Valley – by accident as they were developing their blog. Listen to hear more about their ideas and experiences (in French). “Voici l’interview avec Eliane

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