American Business Communications

Successful international executives know they have to be, first and foremost, good communicators. These sessions are intended to help international professionals who want to become more competent communicators in a US business environment. They are for those of you who want to be seen as proficient professionals and who will fit in smoothly into the American workplace. This coaching is intended both for the seasoned executive relocating to or already working in the US, as well as for the entrepreneur coming to work here in Silicon Valley.

Sessions Will Cover

Understanding what the important elements are in U.S. business communications
Identifying communications differences and adapting yours to the U.S. way of thinking and speaking
Learning to think and speak indeductively while communicating ideas
Getting to the point and answering questions directly and succinctly
Narrowing down the focus of your conversation in presentations to your team and clients
Understanding how to position yourself at work and how to make yourself visible
Learning how to make small talk and how to feel comfortable engaging in “office politics”

How You Will Benefit

Develop effective communication skills to use specifically in the US
Gain workplace visibility and professional acknowledgement
Command the basic nuances of everyday business communications
Speak with clarity and distinction using “real language”

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