Communicating the American Way

A hands-on guide to understanding the American Way of communicating in business
by Elisabetta Ghisini and Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.

When successful foreign business people come to the US, they often run into problems because they are unfamiliar with US business culture. This book looks at the ways: writing emails, running meetings, making conference calls, understanding and using idiomatic language and other areas of US business culture are different from those foreign business professionals are used to.

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They Made It!

How Chinese, French, Germans, Indians, Israelis, Iranians and other foreign born Entrepreneurs contributed to high tech Innovation in the Silicon Valley, the US and Overseas

by Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.

Great leaders have been the stuff of many business books over the years with authors often promising to deliver THE key ingredients that can guarantee the readers success in their own careers. As we all know by now, there is no “secret sauce”. But there are a number of “recipes for success” with specific ingredients that if applied, may smooth the path upward.These recipes are the result of conversations with foreign-born (as well as US) Silicon Valley/US entrepreneurs who tell it as it is.

Each leader tells a unique, personal story of how s/he came to the US and ultimately made it. If you plan to immigrate to the U.S. and establish yourself in Silicon Valley, or if you are just curious to find out what make these extraordinary individuals tick, you can listen to these international leaders and gain personal insight into the fulfillment of their ambitions and dreams.

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