American English Pronuciation / Accent Reduction Services

Foreign sounding accents can often pose unintentional communication barriers for non-native English speakers because certain words and expressions can be difficult to articulate or translate.
Angelika Blendstrup & Associates has built its decade+ long reputation helping international professionals successfully “neutralize” their accents to improve English speaking skills and build communication proficiency. We know how to improve accents quickly.

Sessions Will Cover

Pre- and post- speech analyses [video-taped]
Identifying and assessing error sounds and word emphases [pronunciation and enunciation]
Individual accent evaluation relevant to foreign language & cultural origins (i.e. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Indian, etc.)
Fundamental English language and grammar rules
Phrasal verbs and idioms

How You Will Benefit

Achieve overall speaking clarity and be understood easily by others
Elevate your English speaking skills and fluency
Express yourself with greater certainty and assurance
Build your professional vocabulary
Overcome speaking challenges that may be impeding your career

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